Health Ranger Store announces Black Friday deals: Free shipping, huge discounts and certified glyphosate tested

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 by

The Health Ranger Store announces Black Friday deals beginning at 12:01 (one minute after midnight) on Friday morning. Every 12 hours, a new set of product deals goes live, offering huge savings, free shipping (contiguous U.S. states), “glyphosate tested” certification and more. The sale ends Saturday night at midnight.

See the Black Friday deals here.

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All orders over $300 receive a free, signed copy of my No. 1 top-selling science book, “Food Forensics.”

Enjoy savings from 10% to 61% off, including superfoods, nutritional supplements, storable food, “green home” products, personal care products, even the new “Bioscarf” air filtration scarf that protects you from airborne pathogens.

Enjoy faster shipping and order fulfillment from our new 2018 warehouse, which features vastly improved software automation and 400% more order fulfillment capacity than last year. We are shipping very quickly and efficiently, and all orders are shipped free during this special, to the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

New this year: Glyphosate testing being rolled out for all Health Ranger branded products

New for 2018, we’re conducting glyphosate testing across the entire Health Ranger brand, using a triple quad mass spec instrument (LC-MS-MS) capable of quantitation of glyphosate down to 1 ppb (part per billion). (Technically speaking, 1 ng/ml.)

We’ve already certified dozens of our products to be free from any detectable glyphosate. Notably, these products have zero glyphosate detected even using the most sensitive, cutting-edge mass spec instrument available in the world today. Look for the following logo, which is being added to our product pages to indicate glyphosate testing status:

See my full, detailed announcement of this scientific milestone for clean food in the following video:

Health Ranger Store Black Friday deals begin at one minute after midnight, Friday morning

Our Black Friday Deals begin at 12:01 am on Friday morning. Every 12 hours, a new set of deals goes live. It ends 48 hours later, Saturday night at midnight.

See all the Black Friday deals at this link.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day, and enjoy the Black Friday savings! This is the best time ever to stock on the world’s cleanest, laboratory-validated superfoods, nutritional solutions, personal care products and “clean home” products.


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