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08/10/2018 / By RJ Jhonson

Cancer remains among the most serious diseases known to humankind – different forms of the disease kill millions of people

[addtoany url="http://2018-08-10-a-native-south-asian-plant-shows-potential-as-a-natural-remedy-for-cancer.html" title="A native South Asian plant shows potential as a natural remedy for cancer"]

08/10/2018 / By RJ Jhonson

Hypertension is a dangerous condition that leads to a wide variety of complications. A study published in the journal BMC

[addtoany url="http://2018-08-10-an-african-ethnomedicine-shows-potential-in-treating-hypertension.html" title="An African ethnomedicine shows potential in treating hypertension"]

08/10/2018 / By Michelle Simmons

Henna is traditionally used as a brown or dark-red hair dye or as a tattoo ink. However, the henna plant

[addtoany url="http://2018-08-10-preventing-liver-damage-with-the-henna-plant.html" title="Preventing liver damage with the henna plant"]

08/10/2018 / By Michelle Simmons

Shea butter (Vitellaria paradoxa) has been found to be an effective treatment for typhoid fever caused by Salmonella, according to

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08/10/2018 / By Michelle Simmons

Researchers have found that the wild marigold, a plant native to South America, contains antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can be

[addtoany url="http://2018-08-10-a-native-plant-from-south-america-proven-to-boost-stomach-and-gut-health.html" title="A native plant from South America proven to boost stomach and gut health WITHOUT the side effects"]

06/19/2018 / By Mike Adams

After receiving a lot of questions from consumers about my earlier warning of finding salmonella in a large commodity lot

[addtoany url="http://2018-06-19-contaminated-products-health-ranger-discloses-more-details-about-the-supplements-industry.html" title="Contaminated vs. CLEAN products: Health Ranger reveals what you need to know about the supplements industry"]

06/05/2018 / By Mike Adams

(Natural News exclusive) In a bombshell Counterthink interview filmed at the InfoWars studios in Austin, Texas, Dr. Suzanne Humphries revealed

[addtoany url="http://2018-06-05-exclusive-incompetent-fbi-tried-to-frame-dr-suzanne-humphries-for-her-own-death-threats.html" title="EXCLUSIVE: Incompetent FBI tried to frame Dr. Suzanne Humphries for death threats; Natural News proved her innocence"]

06/01/2018 / By Michelle Simmons

Nitrate pollution comes from the nitrate used in crop fertilizers that goes to rivers and streams through drainage systems and

[addtoany url="http://2018-06-01-wetlands-reduce-nitrate-pollution-in-rivers-and-streams-five-times-more-efficiently-than-land-based-mitigation-strategies.html" title="Wetlands reduce nitrate pollution in rivers and streams five times more efficiently than land-based mitigation strategies"]

05/27/2018 / By Mike Adams

This Memorial Day, I felt it important to post a message honoring all those who have sacrificed their lives so

[addtoany url="http://2018-05-27-memorial-day-message-from-the-health-ranger-video.html" title="Memorial Day message from the Health Ranger (video)"]

05/20/2018 / By Mike Adams

If you’ve purchased a heavy metals lab test kit from the Health Ranger Store, you’ll receive a report listing the

[addtoany url="http://2018-05-20-how-to-interpret-heavy-metals-lab-test-results-from-cwc-labs.html" title="How to interpret heavy metals lab test results from CWC Labs"]

04/30/2018 / By Mike Adams

I’ve just posted a video update on several of the projects under way to help promote liberty, freedom and lifelong

[addtoany url="http://2018-04-30-health-ranger-video-update-counterthink-real-video-store-lab-expansion.html" title="Health Ranger video update: Counterthink, REAL video, store expansion, lab instruments and more"]

02/27/2018 / By Mike Adams

As every informed person is well aware, Google / YouTube has been on a censorship rampage against conservative voices, not

[addtoany url="http://2018-02-27-health-ranger-to-launch-youtube-alternative-that-protects-free-speech.html" title="Save your video files! Health Ranger to launch YouTube alternative that protects the free speech of real Americans"]

01/23/2018 / By Ethan Huff

As you may have seen, President Trump recently announced the winners of his hilariously named “Fake News Awards,” highlighting the

[addtoany url="http://2018-01-23-ten-years-of-natural-news-science-now-confirmed-by-everybody-else.html" title="Ten years of Natural News science now confirmed by everybody else"]

12/24/2017 / By Mike Adams

Merry Christmas from the Health Ranger, and thank God it’s finally okay to say “Merry Christmas” again in America. This

[addtoany url="http://2017-12-24-merry-christmas-and-a-celebration-of-10-things-to-be-thankful-for.html" title="Merry Christmas and a celebration of 10 things to be thankful for today"]